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Do Something Different 1 – The Day After


DSCI0368I used this blog to post my first assignment from the MOOC Creative Problem Solving but the story had an open end and continued after the submission. I had a lot of dry and hard strudel left and now I will show how I solved the problem. DSCI0370

 The next day I found out when eating only small pieces the strudel seemed tasty. So I cut everything in thin slices, wrapped them in foil, put all in a big box and carried this with me to my work. And I asked everybody (mostly children) if they like to taste it. Then I offered little crumbs for testing and if the strudel was liked they could choose one (they had different size). I really wanted not to throw something. After half an hour the box was empty and nobody had thrown his or her piece.

What was still left were crumbs at home and these were mostly from the hard and dry edging, not good enough  to give away. So for dinner this day I had strudel crumbs with vanilla sauce. And this was really tasty.



I was very satisfied. Nothing was wasted. And the next day some children asked me if I am carrying something with me again.  In the end an interesting experience – and I was proud of the solutions I had found. Unexpected ones! Reality is quiet different from the ideas in the mind. Realization has always prepared to make necessary adjustments.


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