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Do Something Different 2 – Wear something different


„Wear something different. Not just the stuff that’s in the back of your closet, but rather the stuff that’s in your garage, your roommates closet, your car, or the local hardware store. What can you wear? What limitations do you put on yourself about what you wear? (Only pink? Only cotton? Only store bought? Only clothes? Only Chanel?). Plan it. Wear it all day and document a portion of your day out in public, with photos and video. Note that ‚wearing‘ means using covering some portion of your body and doing it in a visible manner, for an extended period of time. Your change should be visible to an observant person.“ (Course: Creative Problem Solving)

I planned to wear an origami hat. Completely folded and decorated with origami pieces. Because I have a lot to do with origami this seemed a good idea. The day before the activity I folded a newspaper hat like we did in my childhood and I looked for origami pieces I already had and additional created some new. When I went to bed I was able to see my product on the floor. And I liked it.Origamihut

Waking up in the morning I felt very bad to wear this hat the whole day. I feared what could happen. But I did it. And it was an surprising experience.

Most time I work with children and when I came to a children’s daycare in the morning the reaction was very positive. Here it seems to be quiet normal to look a little different and suddenly I discovered also a little dragon running around. Are there often children in costumes? I had never cared about. I remembered the documentation and asked a child to take a photo and this stayed the only one together with others. DSCI0437Many I met this day asked me what the hat is for and I often answered „It’s a homework.“ By the time my mood became better and better. I smiled in the  direction of  my neighbor and talked with him and his friend. I was really quick in my work, found better solutions for the problems with the children and when I went  to my work at school at noon a part of the schoolyard became a place for really creative work with straws, sticks, strings, tape and a scissor and children created different things out of their imagination. And: this was not planned!

First when I had arrived I had feel very unsure and feared someone would come and tell me that I can’t work when I wear this hat and are not dressed in an ordinary way. But nothing happened. I was in an astonishing flow while answering questions, smiling, helping, taking care for the children’s needs, and feeling the whole time like on a wave of cheerfulness. I DSCI0436forgot everything about assessment and was hopping around like a little sparrow. No more photos were made to document my actions. Everything was far away. Only this flow was left. I went to town and bought new straws because all were used by the children. My steps were like dancing and I smiled at all people.

And it was very interesting. People I meet were not behaving different from other days, but I noticed when I had passed some turned around and looked a little bit from the side. I did everything like on other days, but the whole time this smile and the flow feeling stayed.

I was so sorry when I had to go home because I had to continue my work there. I liked it so much to wear this hat among others with the feeling of happiness I got.  This origami hat enabled a part of my person that is joyful, happy and a little bit above all sorrows to come out and play.  And I discovered that I like this person really much and would like to meet her more often. And would like to have her with me when I am in contact with others.

And who wants to know how the story continued, take a look at this place.


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