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Do Something Different 2 – The Day After


The next day after finishing the assignment for „Creative Problem Solving“ there was the anniversary of Fukushima and I wanted to express somehow that this date is of importance for me. Under the impression of the assignment I chose to wear something different again and created a headband based on japanese headband design.DSCI0445

This I choose to wear the next day. The experience was quiet different from the day before. It had become much more normal to wear something different and people asked more: „Is it a new homework?“ or they recognized the Japanese flag and said: „I know it from judo!“ or „I know it from manga.“ It Fukushima2was an less extraordinary feeling  (and it was also a less extraordinary piece) but when returning home I was very satisfied. I had found a good expression to remind of Fukushima and one woman was astonished that it’s already three years back. And one  boy asked me if I can make one for him. I told him that he can create it by himself and that I will bring the materials and show him within the next day if he likes.

This time I also remembered better to take a photo outside. It was made by a girl in primary school. Because I don’t have the permission to make photos from the children I have to stand there quite alone. Really sorry! I decided to wear it more according to the customs in my region and not how used in Japan. Not really brave! But I found that I like the idea to wear something according to special occasions like Google’s doodles but more personalized.


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